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After the Metabolic Makeover Summit, you are armed with loads of information, but you may be wondering where to go from here…

How can you put the lessons you have learned into action?

Join Dr. Lindsey Elmore to review key takeaways from the summit and to ask all of your toughest questions.

Dr. Elmore has worked with hundreds of patients with metabolic disease and will show you the way to making changes to your metabolism that can prevent and reverse disease.

When you join the LIVE Zoom call, you’ll also receive an exclusive invitation to join Dr. Elmore’s 7-Day Metabolism Crash eCourse, where you’ll learn how to implement simple daily habits to totally makeover your metabolism.

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when thyroid problems discussed


I wonder why when thyroid problems, usually no one addresses thyroid and para thyroid nodules, what causes the body to grow them and how to naturally make them shrink and disappear…. Would you re-envite Dr Donna Mazzola to tuckle this particular issue? It would be much appreciated with deep gratitude

Heather Munro

Mediterranean…….Beans and lentils upset my system.

Heather Munro


Jennifer A Ruth

Please send the link for this. I was not able to attend your Wednesday call. Thanks!

Debra D'Acquisto

Fantastic Makeover Summit and post summit web discussion!! Question? What is included in the one week Metabolism crash course??? More videos? Live interactive discussions? Step by step suggestions for each day?? recipes?

Amy S

Good Morning,
I am a 46 year old woman with chronic joint pain and Insomnia. I went through menopause at 38 and have seen a steady decrease in my metabolism. I attempt to eat healthy. I know gluten and dairy are triggers. I use Thyromin, Endoflex and Endogize regularly. I am on PremPro for menopausal systems and have been for 8 years. I know my joint pain is connected but I am at a loss for where to start moving forward. I take an OTC for the insomnia and cbd with melotonin. Most doctors in our area will not see new unvaxed patients currently. I have a way to order testing through the mail with a reputable company. What are your suggestions to test for? Thyroid? Hormonal imbalance? Any others?


Thank you Dr. Lindsey for hosting this summit! I learned a lot from each interview was repeatedly impressed with the very thoughtful and practical questions you asked the experts.

Ewa Bialek

How to restart my thuyroid function without artificial hormon?


When will the majority of people wake up to the fact that the globalists are working on depopulating the world of 95 percent and make a stand against the medical tyranny?


Skin and inner arms,inner thighs lost firmness and elasticity.,Lost almost overnight, then still – been a year. I’m 5’1″, 107 lbs. Eat well, take vits&minerals. 65 years old.


I and many others have late stage CFS and heart failure…so yes,the ”genetic” factor is vital here.This is a tall order and self-navigation is incredibly difficult(…as is paying for proper care out-of-pocket.) This is a big,fat question…but could you make some recommendations here? Many thanks!


How does an inability to efficiently detox (genetics, pollutants…) affect the mitochondria, disease states and weight issues?

Deborah Sherbo

Hi there, I am hypothyroid. Is it possible to reset my metabolism?


Help! I’m a chronic late night eater, have tried so many things to stop, but its like someone else takes over my otherwise healthy choices at around 8pm. Popcorn is my kryptonite. Anyone have similar issues and any luck with this?

ROxanne Z

I struggle with stubborn inner thigh and leg weight that has only ever changed when I’ve either done sprinting workouts (intense muscle mass building) or full on water fasts. When I’m eating normally and exercising moderately, it stays stuck. I don’t eat gluten or dairy. Why is my body holding onto this in such a weird area? Does it sound like a hormone metabolism issue? I don’t eat dairy or gluten I drink reverse osmosis water and zero alcohol and I don’t use any chemical products (I def need to look into furniture off gassing though). What are first steps I can take to understanding why this pattern is occurring? Thank you


I would love a recap of what protocol for correcting diabetes…I know discussed at the summit I missed those days. Ty I also have dr appts tomorrow so hope to catch a replay of your q&a

Sharon W

I have Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s Disease, I also have loads of food allergies and can’t tolerate citrus, tomatoes, any berries, eggs, chilli and more. At my worse with CD I was on Biologic infusions every 8 weeks, I started taking high strength probiotics and coconut oil capsules and suddenly went into remission!!! I’m currently not on any medication for CD. My biggest problem now is that I am chronically constipated ,I have been hospitalised twice with faecal impaction, I eat a relatively healthy diet, drink plenty of water and try and exercise pain permitting. I have tried everything to help, laxatives, stool softeners, extra fibre, fasting, diet changes, massage, vagus nerve stimulation but nothing works so far. Am I missing something that I can try? I am in pain everyday and so uncomfortable, I’m bloated, swollen and keep putting on weight! PLEASE HELP ME!!


Many years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Should I be taking a supplement to make up for the loss of the gallbladder?


I’ve been on Armour for at least ten years. I moved to another state, and have yet to find an endocrinologist who will write a script for it, AND my insurance now requires additional authorization for it over Synthroid. Is a functional doctor my only option to this quandary? Thank you!



I was told that my thyroid is enlarged, and I have cyst on it. The doctor then sent me home without any advise or medication.

I can seem to loose weight. I have been on Keto for 1 month, and the scale number remains the same. As a mater of fact, every day the scale shows the same reading.I would not think this is possible?

I know I have an inflammation issue. I have tried Turmeric, Garlice, Ginger, Omega 3, and German Chamomile, and nothing helps with the inflammation.

I have been diagnossed with Complex Pain Regional Syndrome because I had surgery on my left arm from a triple fracture of the humerus. My pain doctor is worthless. I live in chronic pain.

I went to a functional doctor. That was a fail. It cost me 1,000.00 to be told to buy his vitamin box for 500 dollars a month. He also made the mistake of telling me he sells the same vitamin box to everyone no matter their sympotms or DX’s.

I am really fustrated.


I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. That is awful. Please consider acupuncture as well for pain management. Your insurance should cover this. If helps to interrupt the way that the brain is hardwired to feel pain. I wish you relief and peace of mind.

gloria Stevens

I’m 74. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for 20 years. I’ve been ketogenic for 18 months and I’ve dropped about 75 pounds. I’m concerned that if I start eating carbs I will gain the weight back. Can you tell me what I should do to keep weight off?


I’m 66. Is it possible to reset my metabolism & how?

Lynne Parent

Super happy to be participating. What do you recommend to avoid hypertension? I did take meds for a few years and recently stopped because I made some positive changes in my life. I just never want to go back to taking medication for it. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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